Out now on Rekids: lnk.to/REKIDS158

Rekids label boss Radio Slave ventures further into unknown territory in a three-part sophomore album entitled ‘Radio Silence’ with the first instalment dropping in June.

Although he’s released multiple albums under different guises it was only until 2017 that the debut Radio Slave album, ‘Feel The Same’, was released. Now, the renowned UK artist delivers his latest body of work in the form of his ‘Radio Silence’ album, which will be dropping in not one, but three parts.

The first chapter features perhaps the most leftfield tracks we’ve ever heard Radio Slave product, even hitting 150BPM on closing track ‘SYD’. There’s a rawness to the album, which is in part due to the fact each track was recorded live and without edits using hardware and Ableton as the main sequencer.

Across the seven tracks, Radio Slave hone’s in on a sound that’s haunting and hypnotic. Opening track ‘Ghost’ is punctuated by lingering synths, while ‘Cell’ introduces pummelling kicks that will do damage on a big system. ‘Contact’ bleeps and glitches before making way for blaring horn-like synths, and ‘ZQU’ is a masterclass in mind-bending techno. Elsewhere, closing track ‘SYD’ delivers on every level, thanks to uncompromising 150BPM realness.